Highly Effective Strategies

The ATP Portfolio is made up of a set of highly effective and sophisticated trading strategies that have been developed for different types of markets. All strategies are unique, efficient, and highly consistent, being developed by ATP himself.

Customizable and Consistent

The great advantage of these strategies is that they can not only be 100% customized by you but can also be applied and automated on any asset, market, or timeframe. ATP has done the hard work of creating a consistent system and you can now easily customize it to suit your trader profile.

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This crypto strategy is based on a system made up of 4 types of different indicators, which include x1 entry indicator, x1 volume indicator, x1 confirmation indicator, and x1 exit indicator; and was developed based on a data sample formed over 4 years.

Crypto Risk Level
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You can also see how the strategy was created in this playlist:

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This forex strategy was created taking into account the No Nonsense Forex approach, which is why it is a highly sophisticated system with several rules that make it a very low-risk strategy; and was developed based on a data sample formed over 10 years.

Forex Risk Level
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Currently, the strategy for the stock market is under construction. Stay tuned for updates!

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